Making Family and Medical Leaves Available For Everyone


Family or career. It seems like every American always has to choose between these two. For one, having a family is one very difficult task that one family member has to deal with. Working, on the other hand, is equally difficult as well. That is why whoever said the adage “you can’t serve two masters at the same time” were very much right. So how can you strike a balance between the two?

Perfect Work-Life Balance
Some people say that it is not wise to work for extended hours as it is never-ending. What most experts say is that one should make every minute of their workday count by working smart and not just working hard. By doing that, you can spend more quality time with your family. However, there are just times when you are pressed to make the very tough decision between spending time with your family when they badly need you or stay at work and face your workload.

Reality Bites
At times when you badly need to spend time with a sick family member or your children, you may find yourself with a dilemma. How can you attend to these family matters without being kicked out of your work? The Family and Medical Leave Act is a law that has been passed 20 years ago. However, this has been quite ineffective as only 60 percent of the workforce has been given the opportunity to take unpaid, but job-protected leaves. However, people just can’t afford to avail of this program as they cannot just take such leaves as they need to get all the work pay that they could get. Moreover, studies show that only 12 percent of the workers in the country are given access to family leaves through their job. Worse, less than 40 percent of these workers have access to the medical leaves through the temporary disability insurance that their employers provided.

The Need for Changes
While this is not necessarily a problem in the state of California, a Los Angeles labor attorney believes that something must be done about this on a national level. The problems in the law must be fixed and benefits like these must be made available to every working American. Moreover, there are many types of employment discrimination, harassment, and abuse that has been making life difficult for every employee in the country.

The country’s workforce is the most important catalyst for economic growth. And so, the state must do everything to protect every worker’s rights. Cause a happy employee is a productive and reliable partner is the country’s progress.



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