Just How Much Can You Get from Filing a Wrongful Termination Claim?

Wrongful Termination in WorkplaceImage Source: http://www.arizonaemploymentattorney.net

Unemployment is still one of the biggest problems that the state and company is facing. During this time, losing your job is one of the worst thing that can happen to you. Moreover, losing your job without a good and legitimate reason can really be a painful experience. Being relieved from your job without any clear reason is a case of wrongful termination. If you can prove that you have been wrongfully removed from your job, then you could file for a wrongful termination claim.

How Much Can You Expect To Get From a Wrongful Termination Claim
More than getting justice for losing your job without a justifiable reason, you can ask for compensation for the wrongdoing that you have been subjected to. A wrongful termination claim can help you get paid for the losses that you have incurred because of what has happened. Question is, how much are you likely to get for filing such claim?

In cases where there is alleged wrongful termination violation two components are considered in the determination of the amount. First of these components is the front pay. This is a kind of damage award wherein the employer you used to work for pays a discharged employee the additional pay that the person would have earned if reinstated. Front pay should be given if the person cannot be reinstated anymore from his or her job.

Secondly, you are also eligible to receive severance package from your employer. Back pay is the payment that is given to an employee for the work that he or she has done in the past that has been withheld at the time. It could also be a payment for the work that could have been done if the worker has still been allowed to report for work.

Finally, there are also some other factors that could affect the final pay you are about to receive. Potential lost benefits, economic damages, and other things. A California employment lawyer can help calculate that for you.

Yes, filing a wrongful termination claim can be a daunting and stressful task. However, there is no reason for you to not pursue this complaint and want justice for what has been done to you. You should file these claims so that you get compensation for what has happened and prevent others from being victimized by the same schemes by your previous employer.


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